9 Wedding Lead Generation Ideas Worth Testing Tomorrow

In response to my question ‘what wedding lead generation ideas have you tried lately? Jane Holmes responded ‘all of them’.

Then I raised my eyebrows surprisingly and asked again, how has your marketing ROI been from all of the strategies you committed to work on?

It turned out she got only 7 leads in the last 90 days. And from there she was able to close only a single wedding planning gig.

While this is certainly not the experience for everyone, many new and old wedding planners are constantly struggling with how to generate more leads online.

In fact, it is common among all consulting business owners, including my humble self.

From a little deeper analysis, I found out that Jane was doing what most other people in her stage and niche does, which include:

  1. Trying to learn every free marketing strategy out there
  2. Operating in too many different roles almost at the same time

The intent is usually obvious. And that is to minimize cost. Unfortunately for many people, this is a recipe for failure.

Call it pure waste of time if you like. Even though the things you are trying or tried are proven marketing strategies, they won’t work for you if not implemented properly.

For instance, if your website conversion funnel is not optimized very well, growing traffic volume will not solve your inconsistent revenue generation problems.

Maybe you’ve been following vague advice around generic tips without execution details.

And that has brought you where you are now.

Now from beginning to end, we’ll explore some twelve wedding lead generation ideas that make real desirable difference.  Note, in order for any or some of them to start working for you, you have to actually do the work.

  1. Video Testimonial

In today’s modern internet, video comes on top of written text and images with regard to effectiveness.

After serving a client who is obviously satisfied with your services, take this simple action: ask for video testimonial or interview.

Getting good videos won’t cost as much unless you want to add high professional touch to it.

Your smartphone could just be enough. So instead of losing this lead generation opportunity, start with what you have. Here are some tips you should take into account.

  • Use a first person statement from the client as the title. That is, make the client state what they loved most about your services. Example: ‘the experience was really worth more than the cost’, ‘Above what we expected’, Got what we didn’t know was possible’.
  • How did the past client find you? Let other prospective clients know how you could be found. It makes them feel normal about reaching out or being contacted from the same channel
  • Add call to action within or beside the video wherever you post it. Don’t just share the testimonial or interview and assume that prospects will know how to contact you. You can as well show your real business location at the end.
  • Don’t overload your website with video contents. When it slows down your site loading speed, you could be losing real revenue opportunities.

This could results in majority of your website visitors bouncing off in less than three seconds. Create a Youtube channel. Post on your social media pages. Then promote with Facebook or LinkedIn ads.

It will give you opportunity to target people based on demographics like age, location, employment status, marital status, interest, engagement and other variables factors.

You can start some real tests with $100 – $500 assuming you don’t have enough money to hire Facebook ads expert.

Below is one facebook video ad example to see what it looks like. (add image)

  1. Wedding Venue List

When it comes to an event as important as wedding, prospective clients do a lot of research before paying for any service.

Wedding venue is one area where people do research a lot.

By making a list of wedding venues in your target location, you will be attracting people who are in active search for it.

With this list you will be helping them to save time.  And this is far better than searching from one place to another, either online or offline.

Bringing targeted website traffic to this list will give you opportunity to convert a percentage of these people into quality leads and clients. Now i have a question, do you know your current conversion rate?

In the case that a person researching venue is acting on behalf of a prospective client, referrals can also be obtained in this context.

To make it more effective, don’t just provide a list. Do the following instead.

  • Use real images of each wedding venue
  • Add price information according to seating capacity
  • You should also describe other services available at the venue
  • Include the address and if possible, phone number
  1. Venue Video Showcase

When you hear or see the term ‘content marketing’, this is one example of the use cases. Hence, content marketing is not just about business blogging.

As noted earlier, video content often works effectively more than written text and static images.

You may say that your core business is not about venue rental and related services, but the volume of quality traffic flowing into your website matters a lot.

Interestingly, website traffic quality is one variable within your control, if only you know how to act on it.

The other important factor is about timing. Better to attract people exactly the time they are searching for relevant services than to waste time reaching out to everyone that falls within your target demographic.

  • Get walk around interviews from venue service managers. This will give you opportunity to build referral relationship with them
  • Include location, price and other related information
  • Showcase the hall before and if possible, during a wedding
  • Use $100+ facebook ad budget to promote and grow your brand awareness among targeted demographic of local residents
  • Don’t forget to add call to action
  • Optimize (SEO) the content for targeted keyword to help generate quality leads
  1. Engagement Related Blog Posts

Beyond the advice of simply telling you to start blogging for wedding business, what are you going to write about? Probably, you’ve been into this for a while. So tell me, what Is your business blogging strategy?

If you think that this isn’t a challenge to anyone, think again.

Just do a search in Google and see how real people like you are actively searching for ‘wedding blog post ideas’.

Here is another practical tip on wedding lead generation ideas.

Write engagement related blog posts. Why, because it will bring quality traffic to your website.

On leaving this blog post I want you to understand that the best time to prepare for a competition is before, not during the competition.

Certainly, you must have known this all along. But you don’t know how it applies specifically to wedding business blog.

Regardless of your niche and location, you are actually in a competition. And because of that reason, timing matters a lot in everything you do.

If you are a wedding planner or photographer and the majority of the people visiting your website had already hired your competitor, growing your traffic volume won’t make much difference.

Remember, your website traffic quality is one variable within your control.

Taking consistent actions to increase the quality will certainly unfold more answers to your question on how to generate more wedding leads online.

Start by writing engagement related blog posts. Below is a sampling of topics you can create headlines from.

Remember to promote your blog posts after writing. Don’t stop at free posting on social media pages. Discover some proven blog post promotion strategies. And get to work on it.

At the very point of engagement, you’ll have more opportunities to convert quality leads into paying clients.

  1. Active Local SEO

What is SEO? Obviously, this is the very first question to ask, assuming you don’t know what it is already.

Just as the name suggests, it is a process of making your web pages eligible for inclusion and higher ranking in search engine result pages.

When you do a search in Google, those non paid listings appears there because the website owners have taken deliberate actions to make them visible.

Interestingly, you can either take an online SEO course to do this optimization work on your own or hire an SEO expert.

Among many others, the benefit of search engine optimization in this context is attraction of qualified prospects.

And that happens exactly the time they are searching for your services or keywords related to them. Remember, timing makes a lot of difference.

This is better than wasting time on people who are demographically qualified, but not interested in your services at a particular moment. Obviously, timing makes a lot of difference.

For example, I did a search for the term ‘engagement rings’ and found out that it gets up to 69,000 searches per month within the UK market.

According to stats I have seen, over 50% of all organic search traffic goes to the websites ranking in the first 3 positions.

Now imagine what will happen if your website is ranked in SERP position #1 for the search term ‘engagement rings’ within your own target market.

Maybe you are in Australia, Canada, Ireland, South Africa or some other country.

What are you doing to get quality traffic from organic search ranking?

The essence of local SEO in this case is to bring in prospects that are currently searching for your services within specified locations.

With active local search engine optimization strategy, you can begin to increase the quality of your website traffic. This could be based on variations of country, state, city and county.

Below are some specific actions you can take to increase your local search traffic.

  • Claim your Google My Business Listing
  • Integrate and optimize Google map in your website
  • Add your website to local business directories
  • Generate reviews from your past clients
  • Create and optimize locally relevant contents within your website
  • Build local inbound links to your website

Do these things consistently and thank me later. If you need help to execute these strategies at scale, get in touch today.

  1. Paid Search Advertising

This is all about paying money to have your commercial advert placed within search engine result pages (SERPs). As an active user of search engines like Google, Bing or others, I bet you must have been seeing some of these.

A simple search for product or service related keywords will make some paid search advertising visible to you.

If you are ready to put some wedding lead generation ideas to work, paid search advertising is one good way to start.

Once you have a good website, you are good to go. Done very well, this could help solve the problem of empty lead generation pipeline or inconsistent revenue generation. But as you may have expected, it costs money.

And if you can’t handle it properly you won’t break even at all.

Now here are the benefits of using Google adwords, Bing ads or other pay per click search engine marketing platforms.

Precise location targeting: with free social media posting for instance, you can’t choose the location of prospects that will see your contents. The only exception is location based groups. Google adwords helps to generate leads based on specific country, state, city or county.

Immediate intent: You can simply look at this as the immediate intent to get what we want now. The search intent usually falls within rsearch, comparison or direct purchase. At other times, It could only be to get location information.

Instant targeted traffic: Unlike SEO, you don’t have to wait for 3 – 12 months before seeing good results from it. You can start getting quality traffic and leads within one hour after approval of your ads.

Depending on your Google adwords buegt size, you will have constant inflow of traffic everyday for 30, 90 more days.

Performance based advertising: In this case you won’t be paying for visibility and impressions only. Your pay per click advertising budget will only be spent when someone in active search clicks a link to visit your website or even call sales phone line.

I want to reiterate here that this post is to give you some lead generation ideas worth putting to test. As for execution, a whole lot of strategies apply behind each of them.

Let’s look at some specific ways on how to create google adwords ads that earns profit.

  • Use Dedicated Landing Page

One of the common Google adword advertising mistakes I see among beginners is driving all traffic to their home page. In most cases, this doesn’t convert well, if at all. But what exactly is it?

This a page on your website created to accomplish a single thing: convert prospects into leads. It could be simply filling out web forms or getting inbound phone calls.

Obviously, your website has different contents meant for different customer segments and use cases.

On the other hand, the people you spend money and time to bring into your website often have different needs and interests. These people often have different purchase timelines too.

Because of this, using the same message on everyone doesn’t always work. In the worst case scenario, it actually wastes money.

Just do a search for ‘wedding planner in ‘your target city’, observe some Google adwords advertisements. And then click some of these ads to see what the landing pages looks like.

Here is one google adwords landing page example you can learn from. (add image).

  • Add Extensions

Extensions are special link or text features of paid search advertisements that help to get specific responses from prospective customer segments. Perhaps, because ad extensions are optional, many beginners often ignore them completely.

Why care when standard search ads are somehow working for you?

From the onset, Alan Hull, an event planning expert in Oakland California appeared to know everything about running profitable adwords campaigns.

When our interaction started progressing further, I found out he had some data to prove it’s working profitably well for him.

However, it was his desire to reduce workload and increase ROI that made him contact me.

At the end of our second Skype call, it became clear that he didn’t even know what ad extensions are or how they work. Interestingly, this was noted as improvement point number one.

A full detailed analysis of his current data revealed some other points for testing and improvement.

At the end of the first month, we did some segmented keyword targeting, added some extensions and integrated call tracking.

The amazing outcome was that his monthly ad budget stayed the same, while conversion rate increased by 79%.

This also resulted in three new client acquisitions within that first month. The Google adwords extensions we used includes: –

Site links extension: These are simple text links within your PPC ads that leads to specific pages on your website. With this you can add links to your quote request, service description, testimonial, portfolio or other pages. See sample below.

Location extension: This one is used to make business address visible within Google adwords advertisements. Combine this with location related search terms and you could start growing local traffic to your offline location.

This study by Google provides more data on how mobile search leads to local offline visits.

Call extension: From the description of the first two above, you should already know how Google adwords call extension work. On desktop devices, it makes phone numbers visible within your ads. On mobile devices, it shows click to call buttons.

If you want to learn more and start doing the work on your own, this Google adwords advertising course will take you farther from where you are now.

  1. Facebook Advertising

For you to convert leads into clients, you have to generate the leads first. And for you to generate quality leads, you have to generate quality traffic. Hence, without traffic your wedding lead generation pipeline will always remain empty.

In many different circles, most of the people that suggest social media as a way of generating leads often refer to free postings on business page and within some groups.

And because it’s free, almost everyone does the same thing.

However, the unfortunate fact is that the spray and pray kind of gamble is not scalable. In other words, if you need consistent growth, you don’t have to depend on free promotional means only.

Looking at Facebook groups for instance, the reality is that most of the people that visit very often do so with the intent to sell their services, just like you.

Another interesting fact about group promotions is that there is often no defined demographic of people that will see your postings.

Benefits Of Facebook Advertising

  • Deep targeting

With different Facebook ad formats you also get access to demographically layered targeting capabilities within their advertising platform. This is very much important because your message matters just as the audience.

Trying to reach everyone and anyone won’t get you the most valuable results.

If you still post on your business page and expect to generate leads from there, you need to think above that horizon.

While page likes on your posts still serves well for brand awareness, I am sure you want results better than that. Thus, the question of who sees your promotional posts determine the quality of leads if any at all and the conversion rate.

Facebook ad targeting options include: age, gender, location, interest, hobby, employment status, marital status, engagement, industry, job titles etc.

For more, deeper insights into Facebook ads targeting best practices, check this guide.

  • Facebook Ad Pricing Is Affordable

Remember, trying to do everything alone at the same time in other to promote your wedding planning business is a recipe for failure.

Hence, it doesn’t hurt to spend some money to promote the contents on your business page or website.

What matters here is the right audience and ability to create effective advertisements.

With $100 – $1000, you can start reaching out to a pre-qualified demographic of people within your target country, state, city or county.

Now let me ask you this. What if you can convert 1 out 100 visitors into paying clients, how much would you pay out of your Facebook advertising budget to get that single deal?

How much is a single transaction worth to you on average?

  • Steady Inflow Of Targeted Traffic

With the size of data within Facebook, a whole lot of things work beyond luck. As at the time of their Q1 2017 report, they had 1.9 billion active users. Within that period, they earned $8.03 billion, majority of which came from advertisements.

By plugging into your active user base, you will have access to steady inflow of targeted traffic.

And if you have been around the ecommerce community for a while, you’ll discover that amazing businesses are being built entirely with Facebook ads traffic.

Depending on what is affordable to you, you can create ads that deliver traffic consecutively for 30, 60, 90 ore more day.

  • Valuable Performance Metrics

This another great benefit of Facebook advertising exclusive to people that do it. I’m talking about the measurability of outcomes from your social media advertising efforts.

Being busy with free advertising efforts is good.

But unfortunately, busyness is not the same as progress.

However, if likes, shares, comments and replies are the real outcomes you are after, then stay busy getting just that.

With Facebook ads and other online marketing channels, you will be able to see the number of real prospects that visited your website, as well as leads and revenue generated from there.

  1. Inbound Sales Call

In almost every high ticket niche market, majority of individuals often prefer human to human interaction before making the purchase. This is the importance of increasing inbound sales calls from your online marketing efforts.

Think about the fact that we now live in a world where mobile device usage is greater than desktop devices.

It happens across search engines, social media, email and video platforms like Youtube.

According to Invoca, phone generated leads often have a higher conversion rate. These guys have tracked over 30 million customer calls across many industries.

Let’s look at how to generate inbound sales calls to increase lead quality and conversion rate.

  • Call Only Search Advertisements

This is a type of paid search advertisements that has a singular objective: to generate phone calls. Practically, you are paying for phone calls not clicks to a web page. Call it pay per call if you like.

When interested prospects do a search for keywords describing your services, the ad displays a click to call button just like the one below.

A tap on the button automatically connects the prospective customer and sales rep via phone call.

The beautiful thing is that these calls come from interested prospects exactly the time they are searching for your type of services.

Now, compare this with intrusive advertising that breaks attention patterns in moments of personal engagement.

  • Mobile Ad Targeting

Obviously, a greater number of phone calls originate from mobile device users. In comparison, desktop users that visit websites are often exposed to too many distracting elements. This is part of what makes web form conversion rate lower.

Targeting your advertisements to display on mobile devices only increases the chances of getting phone calls from qualified prospects.

With free social media postings, you can’t choose the device on which your contents will be viewed.

Through exclusive mobile targeting and by adding click to call button on your landing pages, the number of inbound leads you generate per day, week or month will start increasing.

Note that mobile targeting options are available on Google adwords, Facebook ads and other advertising channels.

  • Integrated Call Tracking

On the very first impression, you could be wondering what has call tracking to do with wedding lead generation ideas.

A lot is what I have to say.

This is all about adding some phone call tracking systems in your marketing strategy. Among other things, it helps to identify which marketing channels works for your better than others.

With the insights derived you can begin to make better resource allocation decisions.

To a more detailed extent, you’ll be able to identify the location, online marketing channels, web page, campaign, ad group, ads or keywords that deliver’s the best quality leads.

Consequently, increased allocation of marketing resources to those specific combinations of variables that work for you makes bigger ROI possible.

For effective call tracking, Call Rail, Call Tracking Metrics and Invoca serve really well. You’ll also get a record of all sales conversations.

  1. Split Testing

This is a simple process of putting variable ideas to test in order to find out what works better in terms of conversion rate and ROI. In some practical sense, this is a real competitive advantage for the few people that do it within the wedding services niche market.

From a different perspective, the ideas being tested could also be seen as assumptions.

Interestingly, we as marketers and business owners often have assumptions about what is and isn’t effective.

And sometimes, it has to do with past, present and future.

That’s why I tell some people that today’s best practices often become outdated norms and wasteful liabilities. Things change so fast. And on the internet, it seems even faster.

For example, some people still assume organic free posting on Facebook pages still works effectively for lead generation like in the past.

In reality, the reverse is the case because groups and ads made it somehow obsolete. If you don’t do active and scalable promotion of your contents and brand, no one will see them.

Another great benefit of split testing is improved conversion rate.

In simple terms, conversion rate is the percentage of (website) visitors that took specific action in fulfillment of your set goal.

Such actions include filling a web form, calling your sales line or completing a purchase. From what I have seen, many people still assume that growing traffic volume is all it takes to generate more leads online.

But in reality, this is far from the truth.

Growing traffic volume will not solve the problem of bad sales or lead generation funnel. It’s like pouring water into a leaky bucket. Hence, it is better to test than to rely 100% on fallible assumptions.

In other words, you may not need to spend more money to generate more wedding leads.

If you are currently generating a good amount of targeted website traffic or you have a plan to do so, here are some influential variables you can put to test.

  • Website design layout
  • Image
  • Call to action
  • Value propositions
  • Pricing
  • Audience segment
  • Testimonial
  • Phone number position
  • Mobile vs desktop
  • Adword copy
  • Online marketing channel
  • Advert image
  • Link color
  • Lead magnet
  • Opt-in form type
  • Keyword groups … and many others.

Remember that the main thing is to create variations and get busy testing them at a time. Only you can decide what to test.

Without being told, I am sure you have lots of assumptions or hypotheses around some of these variables mentioned above. By doing some tests, you will certainly get some real data to start with.

Check these conversion rate optimization case studies to see more on how it works.


Personally, I am aware that there are many wedding lead generation ideas that work offline.

However, this post was only meant for people interested in online channels. Maybe you’ve been making some efforts on your own.

I believe by now, you’ve gotten some great ideas popping up and down in your head.

Mind you, it means nothing unless you make commitment to execute on them. Note that you don’t have to start working on all of them at the same time.

One other thing worth noting is this: the fact that some channels are working for you right now, doesn’t mean that others won’t work for you.

From video content marketing, engagement blog posts to paid advertising channel, there are many possibilities for interesting combinations. And you don’t have to spend a very big amount of money to get started.

Before leaving this page, understand that your website has potential to generate even greater volume of quality leads if used very well.

And if you are currently generating some traffic, probably from organic search engine rankings, then you already have the most important variable required.

Next is to create an execution plan and start taking consistent actions.

What are your current challenges in wedding lead generation? Share in the comment section.

You can as well join our Facebook group – The Search Tribe to discuss, discover and leverage working strategies to attract only the people in need of your products/services – Now.