How Your Staffing Agency Can Leverage Inbound Mobile Marketing

So you have tried some staffing agency marketing ideas. And now you still need some more. Not just more in the sense of quantity, but better strategies that delivers bigger ROI.

Whether you are the business owner, marketer or the business development lead in a staffing agency, everyone needs more leads.

Unfortunately for some people, generating more leads isn’t the real problem.

The real issue is low quality of leads being generated which doesn’t convert as much. According to Marketing Sherpa, 79% of marketing leads do not convert into sales. This could have something to with lead nurturing. In some people’s case, the numbers may be worse.

Maybe you still spend majority of your resources generating leads that are demographically qualified, but can’t afford to buy what you are selling.

Get this in your head now.

Selling to strangers is really hard. And it gets even harder if you are one of a thousand persons using the same old outbound marketing strategies. While they still work to some extent, nothing stops you from exploring the other side – inbound marketing.

Here in this post, we’ll explore how to leverage inbound mobile marketing to grow your staffing agency business.

Staffing Agency Marketing Ideas: The Inbound Fundamentals

These are strategies that influence potential customers to find what you are selling when they need it. It is a direct contradiction of reaching out to prospects that may be qualified but not interested or capable of buying when you reach them. This is called hard selling.

inbound mobile marketingInbound mobile marketing strategy on the other hand leverages on technology, content and data to attract qualified prospects exactly the time they are actively searching for your recruitment services.

Google search advertising is just one option. Let’s look at how to use it in the mobile spectrum.

Why Google Search Ads, you want to ask? Maybe you’ve tried and it proved really expensive and hard to break even.

Well, it’s all about the modern behavior of actively searching for what we need, where to get it, price and delivery process information. I bet you are an active user of Google search engine.

And as to why I choose mobile, one of Google’s micro moment reports revealed that 72% of local searches on mobile devices leads to a visit of business location within 24 hours.

In Facebooks Q1 2017 report, mobile contributed to 85% of their overall Ad revenue. So it’s not just about search.

A whole lot of people, from different demographic segments cannot leave home these days without their mobile phone. In fact, a big number of persons check their mobile phones up to 150 times per day. Yes, it really isn’t everybody, but the numbers are interesting.

There is no restriction on things that people can and do search actively on their smartphone.

The screen shot below shows the keywords related to recruitment and staffing that people are searching for in different locations.

A further research into country versions of Google search engine reveals the same pattern.

Sample search engine domains include,, and many others. Just open one of these domains now and type ‘staffing agency fees’.

The shot below shows the search terms related to this keywords within, the UK version.

staffing agency marketing strategies

Staffing Agency Marketing Ideas:The Google Adwords Option

The biggest benefit of Google adwords advertising is that it attracts qualified prospects exactly the time they are actively searching for what you are selling.

For instance, some people may have immediate need to fill a vacancy. And when they hit the search engines, they are looking for recruiters with valuable experience in the industry, niche and role they want to hire for.

Meet them at the perfect point of need and you will win the deal.

The other important thing to note is that a lot of transactions that end up offline or on desktop actually starts from mobile devices.

Just like you, a whole lot of people use their smartphones in different research and purchase contexts – while commuting, waiting for a meal, traveling, having rest on the bed.

Unfortunately, using interruptive advertising in these personal moments often annoys a lot of people and lowers conversion rate. But then it still works.

Inbound mobile marketing strategy gives you an edge to again a share of their attention and interest.

Combine that with active content marketing and you could be winning the highest volume of billings in your niche. Ignore these micro moments and you will continue to miss out on the revenue opportunities.

Now let’s look at the exact ways of putting things to work in your business or company.

  1. Google Adwords Mobile Advertising

Remember that this is all about paid search advertisements. In this case, prospects cannot see your advert unless they are actively searching for keywords you have set in your adwords campaign.

Hence, your marketing budget won’t be wasted on low quality leads.

Create a campaign and target mobile device users only. In general terms, it includes smartphones and tablet devices.

The key benefit of inbound mobile targeting in this regard is this. If you have click to call buttons or highly visible phone number in your landing page, when prospects visits from mobile phones, the probability of getting quality phone calls is usually higher.

And according to some stats I have seen, phone calls often converts better than leads generated from web form submissions.

With an adwords expert consultant or full time staff running your campaigns, you should have some call tracking systems set up to measure the outcome of your marketing spend.

This is one area I see many offline business owners making mistakes – no click to call button, no visible phone number and no call tracking.

Now imagine the absence of click to call button, phone numbers and call tracking in your staffing agency website that generates a good volume of mobile search traffic.

The first question I should even ask is whether your website is mobile responsive?

  1. Google Adwords Call Extension

This is one of the paid search advertising features that help to generate phone calls directly from your ads. Google let’s you add phone number to your ads and then decide how you want it to be displayed.

Standard ad shows phone number to call when the searcher views your advert from a desktop device. But in case of mobile search engine viewers, it shows click to call button like the one below.

inbound marketing vs cold calling

In either case, your ad viewers decide whether to call directly or visit your specified landing page. Practically, you will be paying to get real phone calls from people searching for staffing agency services in your target location.

Hence, calls that last for specified duration are accounted as conversion.

From the outside it looks like everyone who is using Google adwords also uses call extension. But when I had the first interaction with Jake, a recruitment consultant in Colorado, his question was like – what exactly is call extension?

The first adwords consultant he hired wasn’t using it at all.

With call tracking solutions like Call Rail, you will be able to identify which ad campaign, ad groups, keywords or even location brought in the highest volume of quality phone calls. Moreover, these phone calls can be recorded.

You can as well combine call extension with others like site links and location.

  1. Google Adwords Call Only Ads

Remember that it’s about leveraging the mobile search engine traffic which is exploding across many industry verticals and locations. Mobile internet penetration in so many countries now inches close to 100%. And that may just include your own country.

Probably, you are reading this piece of blog post with a mobile device.

In high ticket niche verticals, people need human to human communication before making a complete purchase. I don’t know how much you charge per placement, but I’m sure it’s definitely worth some good amount of money.

Following up on web form generated leads takes some time and integrated nurturing strategies.

Thus, between your time of adding a new lead and your first follow up messages a lot of things happen.

People get busy, ill, distracted or lose interest entirely.

With Google adwords call only ads, there is no follow up loop between the first point of contact and your first sales message. In other words, you start selling to prospects directly on the phone without waiting for days or months to spend money and time on lead nurturing.

Remember, these are people that came calling because they had interest and voluntarily called your sales line in order to fulfill their need, solve problems or accomplish a goal.

Compare this inbound marketing vs outbound cold calls.

Google adwords call only ads delivers nothing but phone calls.

No visiting of a landing page. No filling of web forms, signing up for a webinar or downloading white paper. When they search for keywords set in your adwords advertisement they see brief description and click to call button just like the one below.

Now let me ask, how much sales and revenue could you get if 100 phone calls are delivered from people searching for staffing agency services in your target location? Just assume 1 – 3% conversion rate.

This post on how to leverage call only ads will expand your insight more on that.

Google Adwords Split Testing

Within your inbound mobile marketing strategy, some split testing will be required to experience the biggest return on marketing spend.

Without such planned tests, you can hardly discover your company’s potential for that consistent growth you’ve been dreaming of.

In other words, constant testing will put you and your business in the right path. With the data and insight derived, you will begin to see possibilities above assumptions that most of your competitors depend on.

At a digital marketing conference, I saw this quote below for the first time.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.

John Wanamaker

Interestingly, since 1922 when that statement was made, it still holds true till today for a whole lot of business people. Especially in most offline marketing channels, measuring effectiveness and outcomes is practically impossible for many.

Constant testing helps to identify what is working and what is wasting your money.

Just in case you don’t know what it is, split testing is simply a process of creating two or more distinct variables within a marketing campaign in order to discover the best combined strategies. Note that this can be done in many other online advertising channels different from google adwords.

So if you want to increase staffing agency customer acquisition rate and revenue, here are some of the core variables you can begin to test.

  • Ad format – use different ad formats available for mobile
  • Ad extensions – test combination of different ad extensions
  • Campaign – create and test different campaigns
  • Location – different locations in your ad
  • Keyword – create different keyword categories (Example: location keywords vs others
  • Ad copy – use your ad copy to test different value propositions
  • Lading page – test different landing pages simultaneously
  • Service offer – you have different service offer, test them at a time
  • Customer segment – your target customers have unique needs
  • Call to action text – still on marketing psychology, don’t assume everyone is the same

Beside these ones, there are many other influential variables that can be tested in your Google adwords mobile advertising campaign.

See this google adwords case study of how a simple zip code targeting made 184% difference in ROI.


Now it is very obvious that mobile is a hot channel worth exploring. If you need real phone calls, go mobile.

Don’t depend on the same ‘marketing best practices’ that everyone in your niche is doing. Today’s best practices often become obsolete very fast.

Another thing worth reiterating is that a growing number of purchases that end up offline originate from mobile devices.

So if you continue to assume like everyone else that mobile is too tiny a screen to convert high value customers, you’ll continue to miss out on the competitive advantages.

I say all of these because many of the online marketing strategies discussed here are not so obvious to everyone in your niche market and location right now. If that is the case, everyone will be doing them.

Just do a search with your phone for the keywords that describes your staffing services. And then you will confirm these points. Think of how many competitors in your own niche and operating location.

With strategic mobile search marketing, you’ll be leveraging on purchase intent, context and immediacy; all at the same time.

Remember, good information is half the battle. You can never experience the benefits unless you start putting these staffing agency marketing ideas to work in your own business.

Share in the comment section what you are doing to push your staffing agency marketing ideas forward.

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