Staffing Agency Guide To Google Adwords Remarketing

Build a website. Start a business blog. Leverage social media. You’ve done all that. And now, you still need better marketing strategy for staffing firms. Keep exploring further.

I don’t know where you got all of the ideas you have tried in terms of effective recruitment agency marketing.

Here is what I know. While the tips often suggested are good, most of your colleagues who suggest them often do not have full knowledge and experience of how to put these things to fruitful work.

Building recruitment website is good. Consistent business blogging is beneficial. Free social media posting is also good.

The problem is that majority of contents written by recruitment experts don’t have specific details on how to implement each of these online marketing strategies effectively.

Note, I am a consultant just like you. But what I do is digital marketing, not recruitment and others.

In order to avoid paying for professional digital marketing services, many business owners choose the free and easy path. But in practical terms, free and easy doesn’t always work.

In other words, filling your pipeline with low quality, non converting leads won’t bring the exact type of clients or size of revenue you want.

For those people who understand the inseparability of risk and opportunity, they use Google adwords every other day and month. A search for ‘staffing agencies Liverpool’ showed this sample below.

google adwords remarketing strtageyAnd for others who invest in this proven marketing strategy, remarketing helps to increase effectiveness, quality lead generation rate and revenue.

And that is what we’ll be discussing throughout this post. First things first.

The Benefits Of Google Adwords Advertising

Purchase Intent: When people do active search for the price of services they need, the purchase intent is usually high and obvious. Think of adding words like affordable, price, cost and fees to the search terms that describe what you are selling.

Matching Context: Let’s look at location for example. You may assume for some reasons that every business in your target niche have the need for what you are selling. Then you’ll set off reaching out to people who are demographically qualified, but not interested or can’t afford your services. Paid search advertising helps to attract only the people interested.

Immediacy: whether online or offline, interruptive advertising breaks attention pattern. Consequently, it annoys potential clients in moments of personal engagement. Search engine marketing reaches out and attracts prospects exactly the time they are searching for your services.

As a testament to how well it works for many, not all of the people that use it, almost 82% of Google’s $21 billion revenue in 2016 came from advertising; mostly adwords.

And because Google owns around 74% of global search engine market, the businesses spending this money include the ones in your market niche and location. Just do a search for ‘staffing agency fees in your location’ and you will find more.

What Is Google Adwords Remarketing

This is an online marketing strategy that displays advertisements to people who have visited your website home page or specific page.

When interested prospects come to your website and leave without converting into qualified leads or paying customers, you can use remarketing to follow them along their purchase journey.

Interestingly, this can be done across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

If you understand the concept of buyer journey, you’ll know why less than 3% of website visitors convert on their very first visit.

Interestingly, many business owners who operate mostly offline still assume that their most qualified prospects don’t spend time online. However, what they don’t know is that many high ticket deals that end up offline actually originate online.

Beyond my personal opinion, Bright Local reported in their blog that 77% of local searches on smartphone lead to offline business visits within 24 hours.

Thus, when interested prospects who visited your website from different online destinations leave without converting, you can bring back a percentage of these people with Google adwords remarketing strategy.

The fact is that those who spend money on remarketing and those who don’t are not at equal competitive advantage.

How Google Adwords Remarketing Work

With a snippet of code placed on your website, you’ll start building a list of people who visited your home or other specific pages. By building this audience list, you have additional opportunity to bring back a percentage of previous visitors.

The interesting thing is that this can be done even though they have not signed up for your newsletter.

So do not think again that newsletter or contact form is the only way to generate leads from your website. You need quality traffic first.

Now, here is how Google adwords remarketing work specifically to help maximize ROI on marketing budget.

First is the standard display remarketing. After placing the code which could be generated from Google adwords or analytics, your ad would be set to display in form of banners or text on the website of people participating in Google display network.

This is perfect for growing brand awareness within your location and niche market. When these previous visitors continue to visit other websites (over 2 million affiliate websites) they will continue to see your advert across desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

Second is the remarketing list for search ads. After set up, this one shows as standard search advertisements that appear on top or below organic results.

google adwords remarketing

When people continue to search for services related to what they viewed on your website, your remarketing adverts will continue to show up.

One key benefit here is that you can use 100+ keywords to retarget them.

For instance, 800 prospects searched for ‘recruitment consultant service fees’, then visited and left your website without converting. When they continue their search for other keywords related to this one, you can use same to reach and bring some of them back.

Here is an images that explain more on how google adwords remarketing work.

google adwords remarketing list for search adsThe third option is email list remarketing. Upload a list of emails. Set up your remarketing campaign.

When people that own these email addresses sign into Google properties, (Google search, Gmail, Youtube), adwords remarketing campaign can be shown to them.

Now let’s say you have 3000 emails in your list of new leads, previous clients, employees and partners. You can segment your list and show relevant ads to them.

Video remarketing is the fourth option. Video is one form of content that often have higher engagement among people who are serious about brand distinction. By creating a streamlined funnel, your campaigns can be shown to only the people who watched a video on your website.

No doubt, video makes influential impressions. Leverage video contents to generate leads for your staffing agency services.

Here is one google adwords remarketing case study of 239.7% ROI you can take a look at.

Business Blogging And Remarketing

If you have been into consistent business blogging for your recruitment services firm, you are probably generating a considerable volume of organic search engine traffic.

Depending on the quality of traffic you do get with regard to buyer keyword optimization, remarketing will actually help to improve your conversion rate if done properly.

For instance, with Google analytics you can build an audience of people who spend a specified amount of time on your website (or specific pages) and left without converting.

As you may already know, longer time on site is a positive engagement metric.

Within 30 – 540 days, your remarketing ads could be running to reach and convert a percentage of these highly engaged lists of qualified prospects.

And you don’t need to sign them into your newsletter or other lead magnet before doing that.

Contrary to all of the things discussed above, some people actually advice against using paid advertising to promote your consulting business, brand or blog. In one of his articles inside Inc; magazine, Lou Dubois stated that:

As a consultant, if you are starting out, you may feel the need to advertise your business in newspapers and or via Google adwords. But be wary of this approach because some (in my opinion, not everyone) will view it as a cheapening of your brand. And when you are a consultant, you are selling your name and skill. If you have to spend money to do that (sell), are you really good as you say you are?’

While this may be true for some people and in some instances, it doesn’t hold true in all cases.

What the people that give and buy into such advice don’t know very well is the difference between brand awareness campaigns and direct response marketing.

If you are starting out and you depend 100% on growing brand awareness sorry for you. When your account goes in red line, you’ll understand the need to think, act and learn faster by taking good calculated risks.

And in case you are not comfortable spending your time on promotional social media activities that produce nothing beyond useless metrics, the time may be now and not later.

After reading the same article, someone wrote this in the comment section.

Comments like the one above and other reasons explain why some proactive consultants are searching for keywords like the ones shown below.

how to get consulting clients fast

The fact is that there is competition in almost any niche you look into.

One thing worthy of note is this:

Entitlement mentality and passive hope won’t get you anywhere farther than where you are now’.

Now here is what I want you to do. Go and visit 10 or more websites of staffing consultants or firms you know in your niche and location.

Observe if they have retargeting strategy currently working for them. You will know by doing repeat search for related keywords in Google or visiting other websites participating in Google display network.

If none is doing it, well; you could be the first leveraging this competitive marketing strategy in your niche.

Note, there is nothing that stops you from combining brand awareness campaigns and direct response marketing if you know how to leverage technology, content and data.

Setting Your Adwords Remarketing Budget

At the end, what you spend on Google adwords will be determined to a great extent by you.

But what I have seen in many cases is that remarketing often has lower cost per click in comparison to standard campaigns. Obviously, this is a unique kind of high value traffic.

The other core determinant of Google adwords advertising cost are the following.

Market competition is the factor that determines how much you pay for each click or prospect brought back to your website.

Using Google keyword planner to do some research will give you an idea of estimated cost per click in your target niche and location.

Who runs your ads? If you are the person creating and managing your remarketing campaigns, then you will be practically paying less than others. So you won’t be paying Google adwords consulting fee to an expert or agency.

With a full time staff doing it, the cost becomes part of your overall operating expenditure.

In a case where you don’t have the time and expertise to run the campaigns properly, your next best option is to hire adwords expert.

With that you’ll be leveraging on the experience the person or agency had built up over some years.

From many different perspectives this is better than taking miscalculated risks with your marketing budget and losing a considerable amount of money in the process.

The exception is a situation where you have some funds to learn by real practice.

As for the adwords consulting service fees, there are many variables at play. Think of factors like location of the expert, level of experience, niche market, size of business and budget involved.

From whichever perspective you look at it, these things cannot be equal in all cases.

For example, a business that earns $1000 per sale can pay $50 to get a sale easier than another business that earns only $50 per sale.

However, this is not to say that adwords remarketing doesn’t work for low priced products or service.

Most experts and even business owners prefer to pay flat monthly retainer fee that range from $200 – $5000+. Once again, it depends on location, niche market and size of business and budget.

Some people works with a fixed percentage of paid search engine advertising budget. This takes into account the fluctuating workload that could be required in each passing month.

The most common numbers I see falls between 5 – 20% of monthly ad budget.

To maximize ROI, what I normally do here at Weblife is to fix 10 – 30% of overall Google adwords advertising budget for remarketing.

If you want to explore paid search as a marketing strategy for recruitment consulting firms, you should consider these numbers too.


Getting website traffic is good. Filling your lead generation pipeline is also good. But if a frustrating majority of your leads are not converting as much as you want, then that could be a feedback signal that you need to do something different.

The other way to look at is to do the same Google adwords you have been doing; this time differently.

If you take action to explore further, powerful audience segmentation capabilities exist within Google adwords remarketing.

For example your website audience can be segmented based on location, interest, on site behavior, purchase history, email list and many other interesting factors.

Remember to do some tests and find out if your competitors are doing remarketing right now. Find out from Google search and visit 10 competitors in your target niche and location.

Visit their websites and leave without becoming a lead. Then, visit Facebook and other websites, search for the same keywords and observe if they actually invest in this widely untapped competitive advantage.

In case you are one of those generating a considerable volume of organic search engine traffic from consistent business blogging strategy, then you already have a leg ahead of many.

Like I always say, good knowledge is half the battle.

Share your current search marketing challenges and experience in the comment section. You can as well join our Facebook group – The Search Tribe to discuss, discover and leverage working strategies to attract only the people in need of your products/services – Now.