SEO Audit

The importance of SEO for small businesses is very much understandable. It provides constant inflow of buyer traffic with purchase intent, high quality leads and long term ROI. And you don’t have to depend 100% on the size of your advertising budget or once in blue moon referrals.

But there are many barriers that prevent many business owners like you from getting the real benefits, even after spending big money on website design or blog content. That’s why you need thorough SEO audit. Some of them include the following –

Technical Barriers

Yes, you are an expert in your field; but probably not in modern website design or SEO. Unknown to you some barriers relating to page structure, server redirects, website security and loading speed could be limiting your growth potential. And it doesn’t matter how beautiful your website is.

Blogging With ZERO ROI – If you spend money or time publishing blog posts in your website, but the outcome in terms of quality leads and ROI is flat zero or below average, you need search engine optimization audit. Don’t stop at social media sharing or brand awareness.

Proper Keyword Optimization

When people search for specific products or services within your niche or location, they do so with keywords with relative purchase intent. But you can’t attract them if your website pages and blog posts are filled with randomly selected keywords with zero traffic potential.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll take your target location, niche and keywords into account to analyze competitors ranking in the first page of Google and what they are doing better than you in terms of site structure, content and backlinks.

Do you know how to analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses? Interestingly, you have better things to do with your time.

Please NOTE, without an audit which leads to perfect understanding of your website’s current status and market competition, quoting price of SEO services and starting the optimization is more of misleading guesswork.

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