How To Increase Inbound Sales Calls From Mobile Search Traffic

So you’ve been thinking about it lately: how to increase inbound sales call coming from qualified prospects. Now you feel the void because all that you are doing currently or did in the recent past weren’t getting you enough leads or sales.

Let me get this in your head, business and marketing success requires constant improvement.

Ask Google and Apple.

And I bet that’s one reason why you are here. Thanks for stopping by. You understand the fact that additional quality information would open your mind-eye to new possibilities. And possibly, enable you to take the required actions.

Without progressive actions, it will be painfully hard to meet up with most of your important responsibilities right now. And as a business owner or marketing manager, this could mean that important goals will remain unaccomplished for a long time to come. Sure you want better marketing outcomes sooner than later?

How To Increase Inbound Sales: Why Mobile Search Traffic?

mobile search engine marketing strategy

First of all, this is a channel of search engine traffic (human visitors) that flows through mobile tablets and smartphones only.

Specifically, I am referring to people that are actively searching for precise products, services or information in search engines like Google, Bing and others.

Without being told, I’m 98% sure that you are among the hundreds of millions of people that use Google on daily, weekly or monthly basis. Probably you have done a search for specific products or services in recent times. And like many others, the intent will always match one of the following:

  • Research for future purchases
  • Make price comparison
  • Immediate need for a product or service
  • Confirm availability of certain products
  • Identify seller’s location or address before leaving your home or office
  • Research product features before purchase
  • Find coupons and discounts for immediate purchase
  • Confirm affordability of what you need now
  • Reserve rental equipment, hotel rooms or event space
  • Find solution to a specific health problem and providers within reach
  • Make replacement of working tools or spare parts
  • Urgent repair of business tools or home related repairs
  • Confirm compatibility of certain products with others before purchase

And many more reasons why people from across the world conduct over 3 billion searches daily on Google alone. In the context of these varying search engine user intents, the words we use to do the search are called ‘buyer keywords’. That’s when the intent is to buy something online or offline.

You can also refer to these things as commercial searches. Interestingly, it happens daily across every niche market you can think of. Below is one good example with 720 searches per month.

In 2016, Google stated that around 50% of their overall search engine traffic now flows through mobile. And that includes the types of commercial searches mentioned above.

To underscore the value of commercial mobile search engine traffic, it was also revealed in one of their studies that 50% of local searches on mobile leads to a store visit within 24 hours.

Call Rail also found in a study of 10,000 businesses that 25% of overall inbound sales calls originate from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Enough of the numbers now, let’s look at how to increase inbound sales calls coming to your business.

  1. Mobile Search Engine Optimization

While it is possible to get inbound sales calls from desktop searches, traffic from mobile devices delivers more phone calls. Click to call buttons contributes to growing potential in this context.

Mobile search engine optimization is mostly about taking specific actions that will impact your ranking for selected keywords. So that when people search with their mobile devices your site will be found. Here are some of the things you can do to get started on this one.

  • Identify The Top Ranking Pages On Your Website

Go to Google search console. That is if you have it installed in your website. Click on search traffic, and then Search Analytics. On the next page that is open, click queries and pages as shown in the shot below. From there you will see the top search terms and most trafficked pages on your site.

video agency lead generation strategy

Go to those top pages and make your phone numbers or click to call button more visible on them. Hint; just the top of your pages (header) is not enough.

Consider adding the call icon or phone number very close to your footer or just in front of it.

Note, if your pricing and service description pages doesn’t show up among the top 20 – 50 pages, endeavor to add it as soon as possible. Do this thing before investing a dollar or minute into active mobile SEO.

If you want to see the number of clicks coming from mobile search, click on the Devices radio button as shown in the screen shot above.

  • Track Your Mobile Search Ranking

In order to improve mobile search ranking you need to track your website’s current ranking position in relation to the most valuable keywords. Seeing your current position will enable you make better forecast for ongoing improvement in the future.

It is also important for measuring the outcome of your optimization efforts or expenditure.

For this tracking purpose, you can us; they have free 30 day trial on all plans.

  • Optimize The Most Valuable Keywords

There are two ways you can find the most valuable keywords in your business. First is Google adwords data. If you have been running Google adwords advertising for a while and you are getting leads or sales conversion, take a look into your dashboard and identify these high value keywords.

If you have not been doing it on the other hand, you can run some cheap $50 – $500 test campaign to gather some real data.

The second source is call conversion or call tracking data. Identifying the exact keywords that have actually delivered real revenue is highly valuable. The key thing is to set some call tracking system in place to get useful insights from the data.

Invoca and Call Rail seem to be the best solutions in the marketplace for now. These tools will also make it possible to have a record of conversations between prospective customers and the person in charge of sales.

After selecting the search terms, create more quality contents. Build backlinks with these keywords from authoritative domains. You can as well use Facebook paid advertisements to promote your contents in front of mobile users only.

For more insights, see this call conversion and optimization case study of 48% increase in lead generation conversion rate for a travel agency.

  • Work On Your Site Loading Speed

website speed optimization

Without doubt, common sense should tell you that slow site loading speed is a conversion killer. Hence, we live in a world of fragmented, short attention spans.

People want their needs fulfilled now, not later. I bet the same fact applies regarding your own personal and business needs too.

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So if your site is plagued with slow loading speed, you are already on the losing edge. Remember, you are always in competition for the limited volume of qualified prospects in your target niche. And the unfortunate thing is; this is the kind of problem you won’t see with your eyes if no one tells you about it or how to identify it.

From many different channels, you can spend good time and money sending traffic to your beautifully designed website.

But if it is not loading fast enough, under five seconds on average, conversion rate will remain painfully poor. Here is one of the seemingly minor but important areas where expert SEO audit will help to make measurable improvement in online lead generation strategy.

Practically, even two seconds improvement in your site’s mobile loading speed will impact both the search ranking and conversion.

Because of the instant gratification tendency in all us, anything less than seamless user experience on mobile screen puts your business at a disadvantage. One or two studies from Google’s Micro Moments report will expand your understanding in this regard.

  1. Use Adwords Call Extension

Google offers their advertisers the opportunity to add phone numbers or click-to-call button to text based ad campaigns. This is what is being referred to as call extension. The idea is to attract people who need immediate and interactive human to human clarification before a purchase.

This extension appears in two ways.

If the device used to conduct a search is desktop, the real phone number will display just like the ad below. This can as well appear together with location extension.

phone calls vs web forms

To attract people doing their searches with mobile devices only, you can set your device preference to mobile preferred. And by using this mobile targeting option, you’ll increase your ad potential to get inbound sales calls and quality leads from targeted traffic. With this option, your prospects will see click to call icon or button within the ad. See sample below.

Here is one of the beginner mistakes I see in Google adwords advertising: not using location and call extensions. Take note if you a higher ticket service provider.

With the desktop option, people can also visit your landing page. So be sure to add click to call buttons in your landing pages too.

  1. Leverage Call Only Ads

This is a single goal oriented kind of Google Adwords advertising. And that single goal is to get phone calls from people actively searching for specific products or services. This is one of the best means on how to increase inbound sales call.

Assuming you have been using Google adwords for a while now, congratulations: you now have some useful data points that can be used to create profitable call only ads.

If not, you can always start a test campaign with $100 – $500 depending on your goals, budget and type of business.

From your dashboard you should be able to identify the exact campaigns, ad groups, ads or keywords delivering profitable conversions to your business. With that data, you can then create tight loop call only campaigns to get both immediate and future sales.

‘Phone calls have the benefit of immediacy. It gives consumers the power. Most importantly, they get to choose when to connect, not when you want.’ – Amber Tiffany, Invoca.

Now let me ask you, isn’t this better that pushing products and services to the right people at the wrong time? Think about cold calls for a minute.

When you read the fact that 80% of internet users own smartphones, you also understand why ‘search’ gets a very large share of overall online activity.  In some circles and countries, there is a trend now referred to as ‘mobile first demographic’ and even ‘mobile only’.

Think about the effect that personalization will have on your marketing. For those local services that often require personal touch, phone calls are bound to make a difference. Examples include legal, health, finance, human resources etc.

Using call only ads will help to attract people at the point of valuable purchase decisions.

The term ‘nursing staffing agencies’ is searched 2,900 times monthly in California, USA. Assuming you have health staffing agency in this location, then you get 50 phone calls per month and converted 3 callers into paying clients. How much would these three conversions worth in your business?

how to get recruitment clients

Sure you know your numbers more than me – revenue per placement wise!

Mind you that this is a conservative estimate. And you can target as many relevant keywords as you like. Wordstream has a detailed call only ad campaign guide for starters in this link.

See call only ad example below.

While this type of Google adwords ad can get phone call from real customers, reporting and conversion tracking is practically limited. You cannot see the caller ID, zip code or other useful data like record of call conversation with Google.

That’s where third party call tracking tools comes in. Again, CallRail, Call Tracking Metrics, DialogueTech are good options for this.

This is how to increase inbound sales calls with calls only ads.

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  1. Inbound Sales Call Tracking

Obviously, third party call tracking software providers tend to have more beneficial features than what is obtainable from Google adwords features. As one of the experts in this SaaS niche vertical puts it: ‘our ultimate goal is to help marketers and business owners see the full picture of outcomes from their marketing strategies’.

inbound lead generation for recruitment agencies

So this implies that there is always a half picture among many marketers and business owners.

According to Hubspot, 43% of marketers identify inability to provide accurate marketing ROI data as one of their biggest challenges.

Imagine this scenario, you are running a Google adwords campaign. From that campaign you are getting phone calls and offline sales regularly. However, the online conversion funnel which is the only part you track gets less impressive ROI because you can only see traffic numbers directly.

Eventually, you decide to kill the campaign. And then your sales volume starts plummeting downwards. Now, do you see the implication of half conversion picture?

Good data helps to make better decisions. At some points, it becomes a real competitive advantage. And that’s what inbound sales call tracking software does. Let’s look at some of the useful data points that can be leveraged in your online marketing campaigns.

  • Caller ID

Practically, this consists of many things in one. You will be able to see the name, zip code, phone number, advertising channel, campaign, ad and referring Url. With this information, you can plan better nurturing campaigns to increase conversion.

  • Online And Offline Channel Tracking

Unknown to many people, it is also possible to track inbound sales calls from offline campaign, just like online channels. Specifically for mobile search traffic, you can track Google adword campaigns, ad groups, ads and keyword.

Beside paid PPC search, these tools can also track phone calls generated from organic search engine traffic.

These data points can help you identify what is not working (wasting your money), and then eliminate them to save money for profitable marketing activities. With call recording for instance, you can spot a pattern of inbound calls that doesn’t convert at all.

  • Conversion Tracking

For most of the tools in this niche, integration with Google analytics and Adwords makes it possible to track real conversions. So with the campaign, ad group, ads and keywords conversion data, you’ll then get full scale ROI report.

Now you can compare your marketing cost and revenue outcomes.

Call Rail and Zapier also give you access to 700+ integrations. Lots of interesting possibilities abound in between.

  • Geo Routing

Connecting callers to the right person at the right time is very important. However, things get messy when your business has multiple branch locations. That means some qualified prospects will definitely be lost through a clunky call transfer process.

This is where automatic geographic routing comes into play.

Now you can have your callers routed to the right, nearest location. With zip or area code options, you’ll become able to define how the inbound sales calls would be distributed based on radius. People who do pay per call affiliate marketing already thrive in this regard. So that possibilities are within your reach too.

This makes it possible to identify the exact locations that get higher volume of leads and sales per month.

  • Call Recording

As the business owner or head of marketing, you may not be able to see in real time how your sales reps are performing on the phone.

Sales call recording helps to identify patterns, address buyer objections and improve on employee conversation intelligence. Most of these tools also offer the ability to record outbound and inbound calls from specific numbers too.

From the call records, you may consider building a script based on proven conversation angles that lead to closed sales.

The ultimate fact here is that better information will enable you and your team to make better decisions with regard to marketing budget allocation. And this is the essence of seeing the full conversion picture, not half of it. Thus, you’ll continue to miss out on the data and competitive insights if you don’t have call tracking set up.

With a platform like CallTrackingMetrics, it takes just $19 per month to get started. Other costs also apply, but it’s not going to be comparable with the benefits.


While this is not meant to be an exhaustive guide, these are some of the practical ways on how to increase inbound sales call or quality leads from mobile search traffic. Taking the time to explore further will certainly give you an edge over your competitors that are not doing these things right now.

Even though there are no guaranteed outcomes, it is really worth putting to test.

One of the most important things that you can accomplish with call tracking is to eliminate or reduce expenditure on marketing channels identified with lowest ROI.

Moreover, you can use Google adwords conversion data to improve your business blogging strategy. Finally with a full tracking solution, it becomes possible to measure the ROI from your Google adwords, business blogging and organic search engine traffic.

Need more phone calls from qualified leads within your target locations?

Get In Touch To Discuss Your Marketing Goals And Challenges Today. You may want Request SEO Audit if you want long term compounding ROI.