9 Points To Consider Before Hiring Google Adwords Consultant

Why consider these points before hiring Google adwords consultant? Here are the reasons.

First is to avoid wasteful mistakes. Whether you have tried paid search advertising on your own before or not, some mistakes could be wasting your money or revenue opportunities if not avoided.

The second reason is to maximize ROI on your Google adwords budget. There are lots of opportunities to attract people exactly the time they are searching for your services.

If you are not aware of the best strategies, you are likely to miss out on them. Hence, you don’t know what to ask for.

This means you could end up hiring less experienced adwords expert.

Prior to becoming aware of any specific brand, a growing number of B2B and B2C buyers conduct active research online. And majority of these researches happen in Google.

Here is the reason why Google owns 77% of global search engine market. Based on this large market share, they earned $19 billion from advertising alone in Q2 2016 according to AdWeek.

For many business owners, their problem is not generation of traffic and leads.

The real challenge is the quality of leads that fills their pipeline. And that’s why they turn to Google adwords to increase the volume of buyer traffic to their online and offline store.

Maybe you have tried it on your own or you just need expert help because it’s not part of your core responsibilities.

Now you need to hire a Google adwords consultant, here are the key points to consider before making commitment.

Google Adwords Consultant Hiring Process

#1: Expert Certification 

google adwords consultant in nigeriaThis is pretty much a basic requirement. While some people could acquire real verifiable experience without certification, every expert worth hiring for consulting work should be certified. This is a documentary proof that the person has certified knowledge of how Google adwords work.

So if someone is trying to convince you that certification doesn’t matter and it’s not a proof of expertise, that person could be right.

But know that he or she doesn’t have it. If they do, the proof will just appear.

The major certifications here include search, mobile advertising, shopping ads and analytics. Someone that has two or all of these could as well have multiple skill sets to serve your need.

#2: Relevant Experience

This is the real thing. On the surface Google adwords advertising seems easy. Almost everyone can select keywords and create running ads. But if you need proven strategies that produce impressive profit, you need an expert with relevant experience.

Better if you can find someone who have worked for businesses like your own and in the same niche where your business belong.

So it is not just the number of years of experience that matters.

Ask the person to share some screenshots, conversation transcripts, proof of payment or reference. The other option is to do Skype screen sharing if possible.

While many will object to some or all of these, the adwords expert you want to hire should at least provide one of these. After review, you’ll then make your decision.

#3: Google Adwords Budget

Here I am referring to the real amount that will be paid directly to Google at the end or during the campaign.

This is your decision to make. You decide how much you want to spend per day, month or campaign. But first, the following are the key factors to consider.

First is your potential earning per sale. How much will your business earn from each sale or completed transaction?

You know this number better than me. From there you think through your monthly revenue goals. Obviously, big goals require relatively big budget as well.

For example, if you are a recruitment consultant earning $5000 per completed transaction. How much would you pay to get that from every 100 qualified leads?

The second point is the prevailing cost per click for the high value search terms in your niche.

The cost per click will determine how much you will pay to get 100 – 1000+ clicks from prospects actively searching for your services.

Here is a sample screenshot below.

google adwords budget estimation#4: Google Adwords Consulting Fee

If you are looking for a full service digital marketing consultant or agency, the fees will be somehow bigger.

This is because the workload will be bigger. Hence, the expert will be working on all your online marketing strategies across channels like search, social and email.

If the person has skills for analytics, it will then serve well for performance tracking and conversion rate optimization.

Besides this, Google adwords consulting fees are determined by factors like location, niche market and billing model. For example, the fees charged in high value niche markets like legal and finance cannot be the same for local clothing businesses.

However, the most influential factor here is the billing model.

Based on percentage of monthly adwords budget the prevailing rate ranges between 5 – 20%. If you have a higher revenue target and with $10,000 budget, expect to pay $1000 per month to the expert you hire.

Other people charge a fixed amount of money for one time or ongoing campaign.

The last option is paying a percentage of earned revenue. This seems to work well for both business owner and adwords consultants, but sales fluctuation causes an imbalance.

#5: Customer Lifetime Value

how to get customers with google adwordsThe difference in customer life time value depends largely on business models. Here is the reason why Google adwords work well for businesses that has long customer life time value.

Interestingly, most of the clients I have served in recent years belong to this category.

In the recruitment niche for instance, a single customer could pay for multiple placements per year.

If you have opportunity to make 3 placements per year for a single client at $5000 each, how much would you pay to get 100 prospects that can afford your services?

Looking at subscription based services for instance, how much would you pay to get a customer that pays $100 per month over a 12 months period?

Customer life time value is about repetitive revenue per customer over a specific period of time.

If you don’t understand this point, you may make the mistake of trying fruitlessly hard to spend lower than your competitors. Unfortunately, this could trap you in a cycle of low performance in terms of traffic volume, lead generation rate and ROI. Pause and think about this for a while.

#6: Google Adwords Remarketing

Here is another interesting fact you should consider before hiring a Google adwords consultant. Your entire paid search campaign should have an integrated remarketing strategy. But first, this question could be popping out in your mind now.

What is google adwords remarketing?

This is an online marketing strategy for showing ads to only the people who have visited your website or used your mobile app.

In the context of adwords, such ads appear on Google’s advertising properties or their partner websites (ie: adsense participating websites).

As stated by Lindsay Kolowich of Hubspot in one of their blog posts, 96% of website visitors don’t convert on their first visit.

While it is possible to make good profit from the other 4% in their very first visit, remarketing helps to maximize profit from the money you spent on prospects that would have been lost otherwise.

In effect, you will be creating additional opportunities to convert a certain percentage of these lost prospects into leads and customers.

Another reason why remarketing is very important is that it takes 2 – 8 touch points before closing an average B2B sale.

If the adwords consultant you hire knows nothing about remarketing, don’t make the commitment.

Let’s say your Google adwords budget could bring in 2000 visitors per month. What we normally do at Weblife is to set aside 20% of the total amount for constant remarketing.

With this strategy, people don’t have to join your email newsletter or become a lead before you do repetitive reach out campaigns to convert them.

Within 30 – 540 days, we can use different ad formats and value propositions to grow your brand awareness and conversion rate after the first visit.

#7: Website Readiness

If you are not informed enough, an amateur adwords freelancer will tell you that your website is perfect to get started once it passes adwords review and approval.

Note that their very first intent is to convert you into a client and take whatever money agreed. Every other thing is secondary.

The interesting fact here is that all websites are not created equal in terms of converting prospects into leads or paying customers. This fact holds true whether you are aware of the reason why or not.

In addition to using dedicated landing pages to generate leads and sales, your main website has to be ready.

While there is no standard of a perfect website that is assumed to be ready for profitable conversions, cluttered design and tiny texts could be wasting your money.

Some of the key factors to check include error free navigation, attractive headline, contact information, clear value propositions, illustrative image, testimonial, strong call to action, mobile usability, legal pages and other relevant pieces.

To get the best results, you should consider a split testing strategy with the consultant or agency you want to engage.

This will help both of you to discover the best combination of website design variables that delivers most valuable results instead of 100% dependence on assumptions.

If website redesign is required, ask for the exact details of what needs to be done, the cost and duration.

In most cases, it is better to have the same person or agency handling the redesign, adwords campaign and split testing.

But in case of an individual adwords expert, the person may have skills and experience to handle this or trusted web design specialists he works with.

#8: Performance Tracking

One of the key benefits of using Google adwords is the instant nature of the traffic that flows from it.

Unlike search engine optimization, you can start seeing results, feedback and data within one hour after your ads approval.

In other words, you can start seeing performance results almost immediately.

But first, you need a performance tracking system in place. With that in place, you will start seeing metrics like cost per lead, return on ad spend and cost per sale in terms of businesses with online payment systems.

Combined with keyword, ad copy and other data points, the insights gained from integrated performance tracking helps to reallocate resources for higher ROI.

Even though proper integration of Google adwords and analytics is good enough for most standard campaigns, there is one other interesting area ignored by many.

And that is inbound phone calls generated from paid search advertisements.

Whether you are using call only ads or not, your pay per click search adverts is likely to generate phone calls. And it’s even better because these are prospects actively searching for your services.

This is why call tracking is very important.

With advanced call tracking software tools like Call Rail, you’ll be able to see the exact keywords, campaigns, web pages and locations delivering the best leads to your business.

You’ll also get a record of customer initiated phone conversations.

Imagine this scenario.

You are running an adwords campaign that generates leads from your website. But the conversion rate is very low; meaning you are barely breaking even.

At the same time, the same campaign delivers phone calls from qualified and interested prospects that end up buying your services.

Suddenly, you felt like the ROI on your Google adwords budget is not impressive. So the assumption that your ads are not working led you to stop the campaign. Consequently, your sales volume and monthly revenue starts dropping.

Who would you blame?

The fact is that, an adwords consultant who cannot generate and track phone calls could only deliver half of the results you want.

Mind you, mobile search traffic is now greater than what is happening on desktop. See this guide on how to generate inbound sales calls from mobile users.

#9: Monitoring And Reporting

Fully outsourced Google adwords campaign includes constant monitoring. You never know when an unexpected change will happen and cause serious losses. This is why you need to discuss monitoring with whoever you are hiring.

The question should be, how often would your ads be monitored?

Keeping an eye over your ad status, click through rate (CTR) and cost per click (CPC) makes it possible to spot opportunities for increased ROI as soon as they arise.

The other important thing is to agree on a reporting schedule.

Most people chose the weekly reporting schedule. But if you have reasons to use monthly reporting, there is nothing wrong with that.

Also at the point of discussion, decide on the format in which the report will be delivered.


At this point, it is worth reiterating why you should consider these points in the first place. Without proper considerations, a seemingly trivial mistake could lead to continuous loss of revenue opportunities. Now you know better, this could help you avoid some of them.

Hiring a Google adwords consultant is easy.

The hard part is about knowing the most important factors to discuss prior to making a commitment. Directly and indirectly, this will also impact your bottom line ROI.

Note that this was not meant to be an exhaustive list. Hence, there could be many other interesting factors that will influence your outcomes.

Worthy of note again is the fact that adwords cannot work for everyone in every situation.

If you are selling low value items (under $20) and you can’t afford $200 – $1000+ budget, you may end up wasting your money and time. And then join the list of people complaining that Goolge adwords doesn’t work.

Share your experience and challenges in the comment section. What have you tried?

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