From Nothing To Something

entrepreneurship blogs in nigeriaHow does the idea of ‘one less stranger’ make you feel? Now imagine the world without limits. Yes, pause for a minute and do it. Now, not later. What if you were told that world doesn’t exist.

And then you believed it.

Like many others, I saw these few words: one less stranger inside Airbnb’s website.

See this video from the founder.

This was the theme of a brand awareness campaign across social different social media channels. And it feels like a movement too. At a point, I just thought that the perspective and belief behind these lines were exactly how the idea originated from day one.

In Brian’s words:

‘This sentiment is exactly where our crazy, wonderful social experiment started.

Makes me wondering once more, why Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.

Question: how often do you indulge yourself to rediscover the world (your circle of influence), not as it is but how different it could become?

As for me, I think this periodic indulgence matters as much as the things we bring from there to this physical world we live in. What about you?

And now you are here reading my alpha state perspectives, I’m 100% sure it is with a device that came from someone’s imagination to the physical world you know.

Dare To Think Different.