Business Blog Promotion Strategies For Faster Results

Your business blog promotion strategies are not working exactly the way you wanted. And you hate waiting to see results. Is there a better way?

Yes there are better ways you can try. That’s what we’ll explore in this post.

Here I cannot guarantee the type and size of result you could get. Let’s say you have acknowledge that your current promotional efforts are not be the best.

Probably, it is just about the way you do the things you do from which great results were expected in the past.

So you’ve been sold on the benefits of blogging for business. Now you do recognize this part of content marketing as a proven way of generating leads, sales and revenue.

Like many others, you’ve been creating and publishing great contents. But your business blogging ROI seems to be flat zero or simply below average. Assuming you have great contents, here is one fact you should take away from this post.

Without consistent business blog promotion strategies, you’ll continue to waste your time.

This will even get worse if you expect results from ineffective search engine optimization practices on your blog. This is where I see a lot of small business bloggers fail.

Why SEO Takes Time

One of the reasons why business blogging takes so long to get results is that a great majority of bloggers depends largely on free, organic SEO traffic.

Unknown to these people, especially the people outside the digital marketing space, search engine optimization on its own takes time.

And here are some of the reasons why.

Your website is relatively new. Whether you are aware of this fact or not, Google and other search engines actually rank older web pages higher in most cases. This means that a website or page you create today can hardly come to organic first page ranking within one day or week.

Observe when you do a search sometimes you begin to see web pages that are 6 months to 3 years old ranking in the first page.

Here is a sample of an old web page ranking for the keyword ‘business blog conversion strategy’. (Add shot).

What you have is a static website. A static website with low number of pages cannot be compared to frequently updated, high quality content sites.

For example, you cannot compare a website that has 100 quality blog posts with one that has just 15 static company or business information pages. Practically, this has nothing to do with your business blog promotion strategies.

Interestingly, the one with higher number of pages will have multiple keywords with which people can find it from search engine ranking.

Competing with a static website means it will take long time to get good results.

Note that this doesn’t mean you cannot build backlinks to static websites and get good ranking and traffic volume.

Business Blog Promotion Strategies

Having established that search engine optimization is not the only way to get profitable results from your company blog, let’s explore some other ways.

But before doing that, let’s look at some measurable results you can get from your invested efforts and resources.

Targeted Website Traffic: While it is good to invest in growing traffic volume, all website traffic types are not equal. Most times, it is your promotional efforts, strategies and channels that will determine the type of persons that will visit your blog.

If you have been blogging for your business without measuring your targeted traffic volume, stop and rethink your strategies.

Quality Leads: This is one of the most important results that can be experienced in business blogging. While sales is also important, if you focus on sales only you’ll miss the boat.

On the internet, selling products or services to strangers is very hard. For most ecommerce businesses, the average conversion rate among first time website visitors is usually less than 4%.

This is why those that generate leads first before sales promotion often make more money from their websites than everyone else.

Interestingly, quality lead generation rate is another performance metric that can be measured over time.

Completed Sales: The question a lot of people ask is this, how can I convert blog readers into customers? Well I can tell you with confidence that it is possible. From this blog Weblife, I do get clients periodically.

That is without first converting them into leads.

The interesting thing is that I do invest time and money in active promotion of my blog posts to carefully defined audience segments.

Now, let’s look at the business blog promotion strategies one by one.

Best Business Blog Promotion Strategies

To get maximum results, you should focus on 20% content creation. And 80% promotion. – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers

#1: Paid Facebook Advertising 

If you have been into company blogging for while, I bet you have heard of Facebook advertising.

Mind you, am not talking about organic free posting of blog posts on your business page or selected groups.

I said this because from my interaction with some business owners, there use to be a blurring line in their head. They say they are advertising their business on Facebook and other social media platforms.

But when I ask them how they are doing it, they point to free postings on their business page and selected groups. And then they ask, isn’t that advertising for other people to see..?

Well, am sure you need valuable results, not vanity metrics.

When was the last time social media comments, likes and shares on your post brought you a lead or sale?

The funny thing about this blog post promotion strategy is that most of the people that depend on it don’t measure their results beyond these vanity metrics. It’s pretty much like the so called ‘spray and pray’ advertising strategy.

In effect, it’s about paying money directly to Facebook to place your advert in selected sections of their billion user platform.

In the context of blog post promotion, the best Facebook advertising objective you can use is website click.

This is a simple advertisement that does nothing but get people to click the ads and visit your specified web page. In this case, you don’t pay anything unless people click your advert.  And then the click leads them to visit the specified web page or blog post.

This is better than merely paying for visibility alone, either online or offline.

Another great benefit of paying to promote blog post with Facebook ads is the deep targeting options.

Contrary to free posting on business pages, you can choose the people to see your advert instead of reaching out to everyone.

Some of the commonly used Facebook ad targeting options include location, age, gender, interest, job title, marital status, purchase behavior, likes, hobbies and many more. And there is also the opportunity to build custom audience.

Assuming your blog posts are optimized to generate leads, sales or both, you can start getting results within 24 hours.

For many people, this is better than waiting for three or more months in terms of search engine optimization.

See how these 44 experts promote their blog with Facebook advertising.

#2: Paid Search Advertising

Warning; if you don’t have the expertise to integrate every piece of the puzzle properly, you’ll end up losing money without any ROI at all.

Especially for Google adwords, using paid advertising to promote a business blog is not for everyone.

Fortunately, paid search advertising is a perfect way of promoting your lead generation blog posts. And just like Facebook ads, you can start generating traffic, leads or sales within few hours after your advert approval.

If you have tried adwords and failed, you are likely to generalize like many others that it doesn’t work.

Probably you were driving traffic to a general home page or misaligned landing page.

However, the fact that you tried and lost money doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. On the other hand, it is not even proof that adwords won’t work for you if your strategy is improved next time.

One thing I want you to note is that there is a great difference between buyer keywords and the rest.

This often determines who is going to buy your services within 24 hours, 30 or 90 days. In essence, the keywords you use makes a lot of difference.

While your blog posts may not be written to sell products or services directly, you can use them to address your target customers’ pain points, needs and desired outcomes.

The same blog posts could as well be used for building brand trust, generating quality leads and consistent revenue.

This is important because selling to strangers is hard, especially in a faceless online environment.

In the context of business blog promotion strategies, here are the key benefits of using Google adwords. Mind you, only those who act on this can experience the benefits.

  • Prompt Timing

Reach and attract people exactly the time they are searching for your products, services or related information. In this case, a great percentage of your marketing budget could be wasting if the timing is wrong, regardless of the channel.

  • Multiple Keyword Targeting

Speak your customer’s language is something we hear about every time. But I learnt more of what it means from Joanna Wiebe of Copy Hackers.

With Google, a whole lot of different people often use different keywords to search for the same thing. Your blog posts and Google adwords advertising will give you opportunity to use many of them at the same time.

  • Automated Traffic Generation

This is a perfect example of putting money at work. In many instances, the cost of one day advertisement on radio, television or news paper can buy you 30 days of consistent and automated blog traffic.

You don’t have to waste your time on generating low quality leads.

#3: Website Traffic Retargeting

Retargeting is another perfect strategy for business owners and bloggers that hate waiting to see results. In essence, it is a different form of paid traffic.

Here I want you to note that retargeting and remarketing are often used interchangeably.

If you are not creating generalized industry contents that doesn’t bring measurable outcome, then you should pay attention here.

One interesting fact is that you probably have the traffic and money required for this.

Just as the name sounds, it is a simple process of reaching out to people who have visited your website or specified web pages.

Knowing that all of your blog readers won’t convert into leads or customers in their first visit, retargeting remains a competitive advantage for the smart people that leverage on that.

This online marketing tactic can be implemented on almost all of the paid advertising platforms you can think. From Facebook, to LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube and Google, all of them have retargeting option in place.

And it doesn’t cost as much to get started.

In fact, based on many split tests I have done, it often cheaper than cold traffic.

Now let me tell you how retargeting works. When people visit your website from any online destination, you create retargeting advertisements on your preferred platforms.

These ads will then be served visibly to only the people who have visited your website or specified web pages within a specific period of time.

It could be 30 – 540 days depending on the platform you are using.

So this is how you bring back prospects who visited your blog posts, lead generation landing page, sales or contact page without converting into customers.

With regard to business blog promotion strategies, you can as well retarget people who have been to post category urls.

For example, if you have a blog category about search engine optimization, and then 1200 people visited within 30 – 540 days. You can promote offers related to SEO.

At the end you’ll bring back a percentage of these people and convert some of them instead of losing them 100%.

From Melbourne, Australia, a local furniture dealer approached me to help improve their digital marketing strategy. This happened on Facebook.

After installing Google analytics and search console, I did some analysis and found out that he generates an average of 4000 visitors per month. This traffic volume comes from 643 keywords ranking in different pages of Google search results.

But the lead generation and conversion rate was very poor.

Before that time, they don’t use any targeted keyword optimization in their business blogging strategy.

So I provided well research 100 high value keywords, writing and optimization guideline for their next 30 blog posts. We also optimized existing blog posts.

Then we moved to retargeting.

I used Google search console to identify the most valuable pages bringing highest volume of organic traffic to their website.

With that data, we created different ads within Google adwords and Facebook retargeting.

After the first 21 days, we brought in $6,400 revenue without additional traffic. That’s all from people who have shown interest in what they are selling.

Within that period we integrated call tracking system to identify the source bring the most valuable inbound phone calls.

The results amazed me so much that I learnt more about the importance of retargeting people specifically from organic search.

Now think about what a single sale could mean in your business if you have opportunity for repetitive marketing that builds interest, trust and conviction among qualified prospects.

My question now is this, what are the keywords your website or company blog currently ranking for? And how long have you been waiting for results? Probably you just abandoned your blog like many others.

Obviously, you don’t have a good reason to continue putting money and time in something that doesn’t work.

Call To Action

Before you close this page, I want you to understand that these are not the only blog post promotion strategies that can actually work for many business owners.

Moreover, I make no opinion to say that they are the best.

But these things originate directly from experience working for both clients and on my personal projects.

As for you, there is no limit on how you can put these blog promotion strategies to work. The most important thing is getting started. Like I use to say, having good knowledge is half the battle.

Whether you are the one putting out content for your company blog or not, you now understands better why SEO takes time. From this you now understand the contextual benefits of paid advertisements in your business blog promotion strategies.

So if you have to depend on free organic search engine traffic, you really need to wait as long as required depending on the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

On the other hand, you can decide to set aside a part of your budget to explore the advantges of using paid ads.

With Google for instance, you’ll begin to experience the benefits of prompt timing, multiple keyword targeting, automated traffic as well as retargeting.

Finally, whether you are aware of it or not, your competitors are already thinking and operating in this angle. And you can only get an edge if you put what you’ve to work. Execution, not possession of great knowledge is where the competitive advantage lies.