15 Best Local SEO Tools For Growing Offline Traffic

In terms of quality, all website traffic types are not equal. The following best local SEO tools will help to increase the quality and quantity of traffic flowing through your website and offline business location.

So you spent some money building out your website. Now you have a theoretical idea of the benefits in consistent business blogging. Hence, you also spend money and time on that. But you are yet to experience the real benefits of business blogging.

Probably you are one of the business owners who are yet to start generating quality leads and sales from their website every day, week or month. In your case, it could be that the volume and quality of leads aren’t good at all.

Maybe like many others, you don’t know to generate leads from business website.

Let me tell you one thing. You are not alone on this. From my researches and experience working for clients whose services can only be bought offline, the common problem is that majority of the people visiting their website are not within commutable location.

Here is the essence of local search engine optimization: to get prospects that are within your target location exactly the time they are searching for your services or related information.

First things first.

What Is Local SEO

This is organic search engine marketing strategy for making the contents of your website eligible for indexing, higher ranking and visibility among local prospects. For example, if I search the keywords ‘recruitment consultant Oakland California and your website appears in the search, it means the said website or specific page is well optimized.

However, if the majority of people searching for ‘recruitment consulting services’ and visiting your website from the search engine results pages (SERPs) are in another country or 500 miles distant location, you won’t get much value from that organic search traffic.

This is especially true for people who intend to visit an office location before paying for the services they need.

To underscore the benefits of local SEO, this study revealed that around 75% of local searches lead to offline visits. And some results in purchases within 24 hours.

Now let’s look at some of the best local SEO tools for growing offline traffic, quality leads and revenue. For better understand, I grouped them into categories and common use cases. From here you’ll see that it goes beyond local citation building services.

Local Keyword Research Tool

Keyword research is the very first thing you have to decide in your local SEO strategy. The question is, what search terms will you optimize in order to attract people in specific locations who are currently in need of your services?  I bet that not all competitors in your niche know about local keyword research and optimization.

For example, if you want to leverage consistent business blogging strategy to grow your offline traffic, you have to decide which search terms that will be used in creating contents for your blog.

Thus, the strategic use of well researched keywords determines the difference between profitable and wasteful business blogging.

Google.com – There are three ways to use Google for keyword research. First is for competitor research and second is auto suggested keywords. For competitor research, do a search for ‘country/city/county + your industry/niche/service keywords’.

Example: Auckland recruitment consultant or recruitment consultant Auckland. (add shot).

Follow the top ranking pages. And explore those pages to extract and build your list of local keywords. You’ll see some patterns within the top ranking pages for each local search term.

Try to use your country version of Google search for this (EG: Google.ca/Canada, Google.co.uk/UK etc).

For the other options, just make a small list of local keywords, type them one by one into Google and observe the other auto suggested keywords that people are searching for.

The third option is related keyword found other each search results page (SERP). See an example for the search term ‘recruitment consulting services Sydney’. (add shot from Google.ca).

UberSuggest – This tool give you an alphabetical list of keywords related to the one you search for. Visit their website, enter some local keywords, click search and watch them return a huge list for you. It is 100% free for now.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer – In their suite of premium SEO tools, this one serve specifically for keyword research. Among other things, you’ll be enabled to explore local keyword search volume, traffic potential and top ranking sites based on the country you selected.

Ahrefs keyword research tool comes with 14 days free trial. (add shot). Ahrefs pricing starts at $79 per month.

Long Tail Pro – If you are looking for long tail buyer keywords, this is one of the best local SEO tools in the market for now. It helps users to uncover search terms with precise and obvious intent. Long Tail Pro is one the tools I use for my personal websites.

This one offers only 7 days free trial and starts at $25 per month.

SemRush – Semrush has obvious international appeal in its database. So if you work with clients from multiple countries like me, here is handy tool for easy keyword research. Like many others, they have free trial but SemRush pricing starts at $99 per month.

Local Citation Tool

Citations are clear mentions of business name and address across different online locations. In most cases, it doesn’t have to be real links leading clickers to your website. It could be naked unlinked urls, company brand name or anything.

The real benefit of local citation is that it is one among many local search ranking factors.

It grows brand awareness, drives local traffic in terms of linked pages and improves search engine ranking for local keyword; all at the same time.

But first, you have to put in the work or hire an SEO consultant to do it. Here are the major local citation tools to help along the line.

Bright Local Citation – To gain increased control of your offline foot traffic, these guys at Bright Local offers lots of services, from analysis to citation building and mobile rank tracking. The price starts at from $29 upwards to $79 depending on what you want.

With the tracking tools for instance, you’ll be able to uncover where your top ranking competitors are getting citations from.

WhiteSpark Local Citation – This is one of best citation building services for growing local search traffic. From competitor analysis to monitoring and verification, you get them all from WhiteSpark. Their local citation service price starts from free to $100 per month.

Moz Local – Moz will you get your business information listed or cited in four major aggregator websites. Currently serving US, Canada and UK, Moz local pricing is ranged between $9 – $21 per month. They also have integration with Google My Business

SynUp – Here is one of the best local SEO tools that provide free citation analysis. With this tool you get packages for single and multiple location businesses as well as agencies. Among other things, they provide constant monitoring, local SEO analytics and notifications.

Yext Citations – In addition to local citations, you’ll get access to a host of other search engine optimization related services.

Perhaps, if you are looking all in one platform for all of your local SEO needs, consider this one too. Yext pricing starts at $199 per year.  Go check it out.

Local Review Tools And Services

If you still have questions in your mind as to how and why online reviews influence purchase decisions, this research survey has so many stats and insightful points on that. The fact is that businesses with considerable review count can hardly be compared with one that has zero positive review.

This is the reason there are some entire websites dedicated to generating quality reviews as much as much as possible.

Another interesting thing is that constant monitoring gives you opportunity to respond as promptly as possible when bad reviews begin to pop out about your business, product or service.

Here are the best local review tools to move your business forward.

Review Trail – Build, monitor, analyze and manage reviews. Review Trails has some social media integration to help share your reviews while aiming to draw in more customers. You can start with a free trial to test out the features. When the trial period is over, you decide whether to pay the $10 per month fee.

Review Push – Want to push up the number of positive reviews within your target location, use Review Push. You can choose the $25 or $35 plan after the free 30 day trial period.

Get Five Stars – This is one of the best feature rich, local review tools I have seen recently. In addition to many common features of review services, they have SMS systems for requesting feedback from customers.

If you are running an agency, they also have special packages for that. Price is between $39 and $249.

Reputation.com – According to the contents on their website, you can boost, monitor and manage reviews across hundreds of websites at a time. Because of the seeming advanced features of this tool, the price starts around $400.

Schema Markup And Structured Data Testing Tools

These are snippets of website information that contributes to high search engine ranking and visibility. In practical terms, it has to do with search engine related compliance with conventional website design standards.

When your website begin to rank higher as result of schema and structured data optimization, your website will have multiple opportunities and links to attract even higher volume of targeted traffic.

Some of the information that can appear within search engine results in this regard include but not limited to reviews, events, company profile, site links etc.

To start making improvements on it, here are some of the best tools for that.  S

Structured Data Testing Tool – This tool provided by Google 100% free. Below is what the interface looks like. (add shot). Just add your website url and run structured data tests.

All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets – If your website is based on wordpress CMS, this is one of the tools you should consider. First is to run a test to see whether your site has errors or missing information. Taking proactive action in this regard will maximize your opportunities for higher ranking and targeted traffic.

Check out this blog post on the difference that this seemingly minor SEO strategy can make in terms of search engine results click through rate.

You can also get more insights from Schema.org


While these software tools and services can really extend your capabilities, none of them will work unless you put it to work. By putting it them to work, I mean subscribing to and ordering some of these services based on your current needs.

Thankfully, some of these important tools have free trial.

Local keyword research will help to determine the best search terms that will bring you the highest quality of leads that can visit your office within 24 hours to 30 days.

By leveraging on local citation building services, you’ll be growing brand awareness and improving search engine ranking for the most valuable buyer keywords in your niche; all at the same time. Think about what additional 1 – 5 closed deals could mean for your business in each passing month.

Then compare the value of estimated conversion with the cost of executing on what is required.

Note here that this is not exhaustive of the best local SEO tools in the market. But my selection is based on how popular these ones are and how long they been around.

One thing you have to consider is the location served by the platform or services you want to invest, as not all locations are served by these providers.

A simple free location SEO audit is all you need to identify the exact things required to be done in your own peculiar website. Done very well, you may just start growing the volume of inbound sales call coming to your business from high value local search terms. Remember, having good knowledge is half the battle.

Share your local search engine optimization experience and challenge in the comment section.

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